Hunger And Thirst

By Muhammad Dawood Jan

One fine day; while on my way
I saw a child in sheer dismay
His eyes vexed with eternal pains
No flesh was left; just bones and veins
A sketch of sorrow on his face
As his relatives; none to embrace
A homeless orphan with nothing to eat
His hunger not for bread or meat
But a crave for some crumbs to munch
Having no wish of a delicious brunch
And a desire for coke, no burger or jelly
But required some stuff to fill his belly
He was thirsty…. showed his lips
His jaws were just like broken ships
I knew that day ‘the pain of hunger’
I knew that day ‘the agony of thirst’
Since then I am thirsty and hungry
My Soul has become null and empty
Hunger and thirst abide my Soul
That water or bread can never condole

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