I Am She

By Butch Decatoria

I am she
Who compliments & completes
The dream-lover and wishes
Made when he is asleep.
I am she

Who suffers the most,
Giving birth, cradling ghosts,
As the crone or maid,
(Once and always)
Sister, mother, daughter, wife.

I am she
Who waits through the night.
I am she
Who equals the strength
Of his light.

“See me with your loving eyes,
See me more than the tears I’ve cried!”

I am she
Who is willing
To go with him to war,
Not a man but as an equal,
(I’m both soft yet hard)
I am she
To whom he’ll give his heart
I am the tunnel’s bright end
I am where
The family starts,
The breast which nurse small men.

I am she
The twin,
The Juliet,
The Goddess divine!
I am she
Who deserves the same
in life, and for all time.
(Peace be…)
I am she
I am you
I am her
I am the one besides
And inside
She is I…
The romance in the dress,
Patient Partner to the ends,
Tiny dancer on the floor
I am
The one that loves you
Forever &

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