I Have Fought The Good Fight

By Jared Bell Waterbury

1. I have fought the good fight, I have finished my race, And
2. Let thy strength, Lord, but gird me, thy smile be but mine, And my
thee, O my Saviour, I soon shall embrace; They may torture this body, my
soul on thy faithfulness, firmly recline; The dungeon, the sword, or the
spirit is free, And the billows of death shall but waft it to thee.
stake, I can dare, And in transports expire, if my Jesus be there.

3. Did my Lord feel the scourge? Did the thorns pierce his brow?
In the darkness of death, on the cross did he bow?
All this didst thou suffer, my Saviour, for me?
Then welcome the fetters, that link me to thee.

4. United in sufferings, the promise is clear,
I shall with my Jesus in glory appear;
Out of great tribulation in triumph I go,
With my robe washed in blood, and made whiter than snow.

5. I go to my Savior, I go to my God,
I tread the same path my Redeemer once trod;
Unworthy, my Jesus, unworthy am I,
E’en to fall in thy cause, for thy truth e’en to die.

6. Lo! on my clear vision, the seats of the blessed
Seem calmly to shine, and invite me to rest;
Then unshaken my soul on the promise relies;
” Though I die, I shall live; though I fall, I shall rise. “