Ice Cream!

By Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

Leave me in my dream land,
Where I can swim in the ice cream ponds,
The vanilla is the sweetest of all,
The smell of chocolate keeps me in spell.

The nuts are there cracked and roasted,
Hazel, almond and cashew are the few,
The grapes are preserved to be the raisins,
All these settle on the emulsified milk and sugar.

Let me dive in the ice cream pond,
Where I can smell the fruits of the orient,
The durians, mangoes, bananas and lychees,
Pleasantly melt when mixed with pistachios.

Let me take the stick ice cream made of water,
Mixed with sugar and color that is sold in our streets,
When ice cream men ring the bell and wing at the girls,
We have milk, pulse, and cut and fried ice creams in our stalls.

Let us gently paddle in the Magnolia boat,
After the dip in the huge Magnum pot,
Home reared kind cows and clever buffaloes,
Fill our dream ice cream pond with milk and butter.

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