I'll Hold On To Myself

By Veronica L Rocha

I weigh one thousand pounds
I defy gravity
Mountains for thighs
Blue sky for miles
This is my reckoning

My abdomen houses wisdom
My intuition lives inside
With these hands I carve out hope
Grief and joy intertwined

I am made up of stars and strife
My soul contains dark matter
It heaves in my chest with sparks and life
With this body, I sing laughter

My heart breaks and mends
Countless drum beats pound and bleed
Held tightly in my flesh and skin
A ceaseless melody

I am beyond measurement
Numbers cannot know me
I do not exist for distortion
In this moment, I am free
(I am me)

I weigh six hundred tons
I am gravity
I am large like a tree
Rooted in the truest version of me

I expand and stretch my skin
My being cannot be contained
No man can define who I am
My worth cannot be named

I step forward, chest high
Into the uncertainty of the day
Fear tightly clutched in my fists
I can trust me,
I’m ok.

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