Illusion Of Time

By Ndue Ukaj

My toung moves unfrightened
In the shiverings’ waterfalls of the past
A frozen tear like an Antarctic ice over me
Does a frightening shade to the deformed roof.
Night falls quietly like a beloved woman layed down
Where illusions of eternity are frighteningly fed
Where future illusions frighteningly knock
Where daunting fire, lightning times erupt
The melted times on the lost calendars
When groaning went throughout the sky
Earth swallows us with rotten spiders in obscuring darkness
Tied in our legs worst and even worst.
While a lonely bird flies in the endless sky.
Abandoned his nest destroyed from the storm
In the sky sketches a red box
It is not Pandoras box, has no sins.
And it doesn’t foster the illusions of eternity
Only one bird flying alone in search of liberty.
Even when we can’t hear
The unthinable on the dusty cities
Where love’s cathedral is blasphemed
And forgivness smell comes from liberty
The bird flies in search of liberty.
Engulfed in the unlimited trust
Saddened we sniff the greatest romances
Through the books that foster time and kill forgivness
On behalf of a city of mortality we are preached all day
How this is worsening and declare ourselves as fools

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