I'm A Warrior Aren't I

By Robert Isaacs Chiwala

On these thorny paths, I walked
Tip toeing, reducing weight
Fighting the tears back
Lest pain would smile
And pull it’s eyes on me

I have taken so much
That could have even suffocated me
Only the heart did die though
Cause it really feels nothing
No pains just at ease

I have learnt to feign courage
I have learnt to ridicule the pain
Cause it feels powerful when it sees tears
Only subdued with dry eyes
So, I gave it no tears

Those thorny paths, I have walked
This thick forest through, I crossed
Scorching sun barefooted on desert sand
I’m a fighter, I am a warrior
The riches I smell down yonder

The destiny -laid in my eyes
The future locked in my mind
The riches i smell down yonder
Now within reach only with a step
Sour sweet, sweet sweat, pain compensated

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