Infinite Guidance: The Path Back To Love

By Anonymous

Help me see through clearer eyes,

The light that shines through all,

The shadows that I thought were real,

Have tripped and made me fall,

The tears have blurred my vision,

The bruises I thought were pain,

Have blinkered me for too long,

I want to know my path again.


Help me feel and find my way,

Until I can walk free,

Hold my hand and show me how,

To make the steps to see,

The illusions of darkness all around,

Has been a tunnel of light,

And the guidance never falling,

Shining through so bright.


Help me tread the unknown path,

So my fears all disappear,

Let me hear your gentle voice,

Each moment strong and clear,

Infuse my being with your warmth,

….I surrender to my guide,

Your strength I follow gladly,

….Into the LOVE inside.

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