It's Simply Great

By Sidney Warren Mase

It’s great to be alive, and be
A part of all that’s going on;
To live and work and feel and see
Life lived each day from early dawn;
To rise and with the morning light
Go forth until the hours grow late,
Then joyously return at night
And rest from honest toil – it’s great!

It’s great to be a living part
Of all the surging world alive,
And lend a hand in field and mart,
A worker in this human hive;
To live and earn and dare to do,
Nor ever shirk or deviate
From course or purpose we pursue!
Until the goal is won—it’s great!

It’s great to realize that we
Are of a latent power possessed
To be what we are willed to be,
And equal unto any test;
That of ourselves we may achieve
To worthy deeds and high estate,
If we but in our powers believe
It can and will be done—it’s great!

It’s great and wonderful to know
That all we have to do is do,
That if we will to grow we’ll grow,
And reach the mark we have to view
To know that we’re a vital part
Of all that is, nor hesitate
With all of skill and mind and heart
To work and win—it’s simply great!

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