Keep On Tryin'

By Unknown

Wipe off your chin, pull down your vest;
Allow nothing to ban your way,
Fight harder still to win the day,
Then things are bound to come your way.

Don’t claim that fortune passed your door
And gave your lucky neighbor more.
You’ll find Old Lady Luck is for
The man who works and don’t get sore –
No matter how the rain may pour.

If hard fate deals you a slap,
Don’t curl up like a yellow sap;
Knock all obstacles off the mapy
An show ’em how a man can rap.

When ‘gainst the tide turn on more stream;
Any dead fish can float down stream.
To breast life’s currents, take the tip:
It takes a live one, full of zip,
That nothing, short of death, can whip,
Just keep on tryin’.

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