Keep Trying

By Eben E. Rexford

If boys should get discouraged,
At lessons or at work,
And say, “There’s no use trying,”
And all hard tasks should shirk,
And keep on shirking, shirking,
Till the boy became a man,
I wonder what the world would do
To carry out its plan?

The coward in the conflict
Gives up at first defeat;
If once repulsed, his courage
Lies shattered at his feet.
The brave heart wins the battle,
Because through thick and thin,
He’ll not give up as conquered –
He fights, and fights to win.

So, boys, don’t get disheartened
Because at first you fail;
If you but keep on trying,
At last you will prevail;
Be stubborn against failure;
Try! Try! and try again;
The boys who keep on trying
Have made the world’s best men

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