Kuumba Chi


My chi, my chi, my Kuumba chi
Driven by God’s love
Pushed forth by unique ancestral spirit
Circles within me

The raw, uninhibited flow of chi
Pours out of me
Without boundary

I see chi in all of we
Limitless movement inside
It grows, it weaves where it abides
Melding together as it takes form

The voice, the pen, the feet, the brush
The fingers, the hips sway
The word, the song, the dance, the frame
The spinning wheel creates

We present our Kuumba chi through our gifts
Individually wrapped as our own
Impossible to copy, infinite in kind
As we debut at show time

Our curtains draw back
Exposing the stage
We are not afraid

As Kuumba chi makes its entrance
It puts smiles on faces, warms hearts
And beautifies our community and the world My chi, my chi, our Kuumba chi
Let’s me, be me
And we, be we

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