Land Of The Free Liberia

By Isiaka A. Kromah

Land of the Free

Oh! Thou sweet land of the free, ????

You paved the way so others could find their ways

Where men of letter fought for a better day,

And find solutions without delay.

Oh! The first daughter of Africa ????

Your children lied in a chronic state,

as certain ‘negatives’ have long assumed the
roles of ‘positives’ in their internal system,

And the govern has become ungovernable.

Oh! Belove mama Liberia ????

Your children are ruled by People who only let their bias egos and emotion speak for them.

People who cannot address their fellow people without reading it from the papers!

Every word they say is what their hearts never possessed nor desire.

Oh! The first star of the white man’s grave????

Agony has become the crying concern of your children,

Crying for liberation in the hands of the oppressor

Their cruel wicked hands have turned our situation into a desperate one

Oh! Mama, you children can’t bear it any longer????

They are now surviving instead of living,

Should they die hoping for better days,

Or keep surviving the horrible ways

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