Lessons Of Entrepreneurship

By Nsikak Andrew

If you want to taste the true value of success,
become an entrepreneur.
Life is all about entrepreneurship
in whatever way you want to look at it
in as much as you are providing the services
that meet people’s need, you are an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship should not be seen
as all about making money
but a passion for service that creates wealth.
In starting out as an entrepreneur,
do not have the notion
that it takes a lot of money to get started.

What you need is an idea and the determination
to succeed while creating services
that would provide a solution to the clients’ needs.
In becoming an entrepreneur, apart from your idea,
you need to learn the required skills tailored
towards your area of specialization.

When you build the needed skill required,
the experience will set in which is very vital
to your growth as an entrepreneur.

Age limit for an entrepreneur
should never be a barrier
but if you start at a younger age,
you will have more of the time
to build up the business
and gain valuable experiences
along the way as the business grew.

The ability to foresee and withstand the risk factor
that is involved in growing a business
would be an added advantage in starting early.
But where you begin to learn the process
in a much older age; that for sure
can never be seen as a welcoming development.

Though we have a saying that says,
what an elder sees while still stilling,
the young ones might not see while standing.
But in business, you need experience
that is developed over the years
to determine the risk factor involved. You just need to take the risk
to grow a business which without,
there can never be any progress.
In as much as becoming an entrepreneur
have no age limit but in all you need
is the passion to create services
that will enable you follow
the pathway to success.

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