Letter To My Future Self

By Subimal Sinha-Roy

In life’s dynamic landscape of uncertain undulations,
on the paved pathway across the transient topography,
meandering to the realm of nebulous future obscure,
I follow the faint footprints of fate as I write this to you.

Many surging streams I swim in the storm of distress,
with hopes held close to the heart lest they all drown.
I chase beguiled butterfly desires in the valley of flowers,
on rainbow hue I fly my dreams with you I want to share.

Riding the cadence of rustling leaves in autumn forest,
sunburst dawn’s aura enwraps me with gilded rapture.
In mind’s meadow the dewdrops of love sparkle as pearls,
you’ll see at the end of my journey when I embrace you.

I now find the spent sun set at the golden edge of twilight,
tinting tentative trail to you covered with dust of obscurity.
I hear the wind of time whisper to begin the search for you,
as with the senile rhythm of footsteps I walk the last mile.

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