Letter To Nigeria

By Ibraheem Uthmaan

Your heart house the grit and the guts,
But you aren’t ready to respond tooth for tooth
Africa told me you are combative And stubborn
But you instead coil yourself into a rag
Letting Politicowmen to rape and rape you,
They have no feelings for you
What singly none would tolerate
Why then did you begot them?

You are proud in the pride that feels its might;
The giant of Africa?
You are only a tall dwarf
Your neighbours ridicule you
To lend you a spice of disrespect
They slut-shame you,
Why don’t you prove them wrong?
Not by rough tongues but ready kicks.

A prophet comes once in a generation
To correct erring nations with
Brighter ideals toward which would lead them out of the wilderness.
Will you turn your back on him once again?
Or did he never came?

Your neighbours in this
fortunate present
Will also wind in a short while
If you don’t rise and reclaim your virginity.

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