Lincoln’s Abuse Poem

By Anonymous

I just want to escape!

I feel so down!

I try to reach out for help but no one is there!

No one wants to know about me and how I feel!

There are no services for men like me!

We are so alone with no support available to us!

No one cares about our abuse so it just goes on and on with no answer!

I try to talk to agencies but there are none and they don’t want to know about our problems anyway!

I feel forgotten and invisible and not really even here!

No one asks for our input or what it is we need and want!

There is just nothing available to us!

This is so annoying and depressing to live with every day!

I have been trying to find someone I can talk to

but no one will answer my call!

I try to go to family but they don’t want to know about me!

Its too hard for them to hear my story anyway!

We can go to the police that is our only option they are the only ones there for us who believe us and want to help us at least they try to help us!

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