Linoz Isidoz

By Aleister Crowley

Lo! I lament.
Fallen is the sixfold Star:
Slain is Asar.

O twinned with me in the womb of Night!
O son of my bowels to the Lord of Light!
O man of mine that hast covered me
From the shame of my virginity!
Where art thou? Is it not Apep thy brother,
The snake in my womb that am thy mother,
That hath slain thee by violence girt with guile,
And scattered thy limbs on the Nile?

Lo! I lament.
I have forged a whirling Star:
I seek Asar.
And this -is this not the trunk he rended? But -oh! oh! oh! -the task transcended, Where is the holy idol that stood For the god of thy queen’s beatitude? Here is the tent -but where is the pole? Here is the body -but where is the soul? Nepti, sister, the work is undone For lack of the needed One! Lo! I lament.
There is no god so far As mine Asar! There is no hope, none, in the corpse, in the tomb.
But these -what are these that war in my womb?
There is vengeance and triumph at last of Maat
In Ra-Hoor-Khut and in Hoor-pa-Kraat!
Twins they shall rise; being twins they are one,
The Lord of the Sword and the Son of the Sun!
Silence, coeval colleague of the Voice,
The plumes of Amoun -rejoice!

Lo! I rejoice.
I heal the sanguine scar
Of slain Asar.

I was the Past, Nature the Mother.

He was the Present, Man my brother.

Look to the Future, the Child -oh paean
The Child that is crowned in the Lion-Aeon!
The sea-dawns surge an billow and break
Beneath the scourge of the Star and the Snake.

To my lord I have borne in my womb deep-vaulted
This babe for ever exalted.

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