Living with Dyspraxia

By Anonymous

Living with Dyspraxia , please understand me?
Please someone understand me
I am a person who is lost
Who is it that you see
And if so at what cost.

I am clever you see
And most don’t care less
As long as they belittle me
And think I always say yes.

The only time that matters
Is when I see those I love?
And that’s what keeps my life from tatters
And the ones who look from above.

I have a kind heart and has been stamped on for many years,
Always being talk down to
Reducing me to tears.
Looking at me as to think I am dull and thick
I have a specific learning problem you see.
And through life it’s not what I would pick.

I want to achieve a lot you know
But struggle day by day
The more I get frustrated
Is why I get so low?

I have such bad memory losing everything day by day?
Even my mind and memory and Jesus do I pay,
I struggle even writing
And remembering what to put
But every time, I struggle studying
I always end up in a rut.

I am getting older now and realising what is what
I am getting wiser now and realising what I have got,
I am a nice person you see
And for people that don’t know,
I am a person you see,
And I sometimes will say no

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