Living With HIV & Aids

By Lydia Nuamah

The monster that lives within them makes their life miserable
as opportunistic infections slap them each day in the face.
Living with the scar, best and yet worst memories lingers.
The heart crack into pieces as souls wishes no more than to escape.

As a dark flowers ripped from the roots,
those living with HIV/AIDS have been acquainted with the night.
The devastation they feel as people shun their company.
Who will be their light?

They feel alone,
trapped and in deep pain
as the emotional sickness runs over their skin with a blade.
Their world is locked in unbreakable chain.

This emotional trauma put down and pushes around,
just to find a resting place in their crying heart.
The journey of life becomes tough and rough.
Their world is torn apart.

The battle of leaving an orphan behind rips their dark life.
Their haunted heart trembles between hope and despair
as there is death even before death.
They feel like they buried alive in the tomb of despair.

Their souls are lost in a never ending fight
as people make them cry each day.
Show them your support and
let them feel they are love in a special way.

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