Loud Whispers

By Joy Adetunji

Faintly but steadily I heard her loud whispers
Hitting my pinna like the sound waves in a vacuum
And my brain could not resist but decipher
“Father please help me”
Words commanding the wave of my emotions
The loud whispers from my daughter
She sobbed quietly but it was deafening,
Mind bugging, how could I say no!
When each decibel hits my eardrum with resonance
She was touched, she was forced, she was violated
She was robbed and her pride stolen
Who on earth would do this!
Brutal, brutish, mean men
Fury built within, but…
I tried to move, my limbs were not responding
Then I realized that I was fading gradually
And my ears were the last of the organs to shut down
I would give my all to rescue you from the pain
I struggled trying to reach her
But my will and power are lost to the misery of death
If you hear her loud whispers,
Please rescue her form these vile men
My wishes…my dying plea

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