Love Is Leaking

By Lênio Buguido

Many dogs, much barking.
Many storms, no lightning.
Not a lot of a lead, I just pawn my attention
I focus far from me as if to blur the momentum

Then I just go
Though in the speed of starvation
A hole inside of me that sucks routines in imagination
I fantasize about the crowd, the cheer, and the cup
I wake to shut my mouth with all the beer and catch-up

Dissatisfied, unenchanted, fragile
The magic has become a little twitch upon my smile
The spell to cast is to convince someone I’m worth a while
But up until this point I’m shooting dead flares in exile

Can somebody see me from behind the weak profile?
From here to self-assurance, can you tell how many miles?
And am I trying to catch the way to God or something vile?
How will these questions overwhelm my pendulous lifestyle?

Much love… many drops leaking
I’ll put a cork inside that hole and then I’ll just leave it
By cork, I mean of course a vice, a game, an abuse
And it better be a lot of it ‘cause the pit has become huge

Then I just go
Until the far edge of extinction
The doctors must be ready to deal with some contradictions
I want to jump into it; I want to get away
I need to stop pretending I don’t want to live this day

But one can find romance in degradation and sabotage
And place it on a piece of paper and leave at the garage
And build a pile and mix with gadgets just to camouflage
That every poem in there is but a piece of their mirage

One can find romance in sabotage and degradation
And take the drugs and take the streets and take out the frustration
Of being so lost and deep in thought and chose relaxation
And run away from all that’s gray, but put the colors on probation

Abstinence, of substance or expression
The hours become days and the answers become questions
I hope there is a cure for wanting little bit more something
I hope this something is not itself the need to keep on wondering

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