Love Like Whiskey

By E.A. England

All I’m asking for
is a love like whiskey.
A love that warms every fiber of my being,
from the inside, out.
Feelings that set my cheeks on fire
and cause my laughter to flow from lungs
without restraint or hesitation.
A love that steals the air from my chest
and leaves me gasping for breath.
That makes my head spin
and my thoughts hazy.
Something that comforts me on the lonely nights.
That numbs the pain.
That dries the tears.
I want a love that gives me courage;
to speak my mind, to chase my dreams.
I want commitment that makes me feel free.
That gives me confidence.
That makes me feel more alive than ever.
That makes life seem
just a little better than it really is.
You can keep your fairytale.
And your ‘Happily Ever After’.
I don’t want your cliche perfection.
All I want… Is a love like whiskey.

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