Love You Like Anthrax

By Kevin Patrick

Sweating from an infection of
Your recalcitrant affection
Pustule’s cropping custard bile
Emanating from your wiles
Now Hypertension palpitates
When I see your lips dilate
Spores spreading through my flesh
Makes my conscious feel undressed
Ulcers, mounting on my hands
Necrotic tissue blocks my glands
chills and aches run down my spine
Gifts from my black death valentine
Every day I want you more
At the center of disease control

You checked into my armored heart
And now this lusts will not Depart
I’d love to nail you with an axe
Cause I love you like anthrax

My nerves are running out the door
With Pus filled boils you adore
Pride is fried and fear is fostered
From your paralyzing posture
Soon hesitation starts to Fester
Inside of your amorous Vector
Squirming, burrowing through my skin
You lead me down through a tailspin
You’re the broken heart police
and you have my will beat
Hitting my body to confess
Through a cardiac arrest
You’re the sugar of my neurosis
A black widow to my Apotheosis

Need a cure from this desire
Or my sanity will expire
Id like to tie you to the train tracks
Cause baby I love you like anthrax

I’m a fly in your web
And you fill me with dread
Cause If I start to trust you
Then I’m better off dead
My free wills double crossed
By biology’s fatal fate
Loves a lot like death
It leaves you for a Doom date
You’re the answer named cancer
To this hole I call a soul
And spread your pretty pathogen
that turns my blood to coal

Baby you’re the cyst
My heart can’t resist
Wished you perished in a Car crash
Cause I love you like anthrax

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