Lucky Number 13?

By Fallenangel125

The number of months together
The number of past boyfriends
The number of broken hearts

Why is it that every time I see you
You are with someone else

I pretend not to know
I fake the love for you
I kiss and hug you back
But it means nothing to me

Thirteen girls all not me
Thirteen reasons to flee

I scream and cry behind your back
I smile while in your presence
Your little white lies are growing
My rapid heartbeat is slowing

Encased in your hidden mistakes
I do not miss what happens

When you leave I get to work
I grab your things and theirs
I take one last swig of wine
And finally take back what is mine

I smile into the sky
At the smoke rising steadily

Heavily I fall to my knees
I ignore your pleas
And stand my ground
I tell him all I know

I watch the look of concern fade
I watch the man who had me played

He pulls me upright
I start to fight
I throw my punch
And I hear a crunch

I shout my goodbye
And tell him to die

A number to count on
A number to act from
A number to freedom

Thirteen no longer brings bad luck
I stick my finger up and wreck your truck

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