March In The Mountains

By Ada A. Mosher

Hark, how in impotent rage old Euroclydon
Scourges the bare-shouldered mountains to-night!
While their low laughter doth answer to mock theone
Wielding the lash that the lash is so light.
Laugh they as laughed in his slumber old Ymir,
When the great Norse giant’s ponderous mace
Smote his bare forehead, low muttered the dreamer,
“Breezes must blow, I feel leaves on my face.”
So these grim giants that, hoary and battle-proof,
Guard this old pass, spurn Euroclydon’s guage;
Laugh him to scorn while his anger doth but behoof
Sport for these warriors who mock at his rage.
Loose are his storm-steeds; the snap of his lariat
Maddens to fury the pulse of their speed;
Down the deep gorges on thunders his chariot
Hot in pursuit of each mane-tossing steed.

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