Meal Sutras

By Anonymous

Buddha, born at Kapilavastu,
Attained the Way at Magadha,
Preaced at Varanashi,
Entered Nirvana at Kushinagara.
Now as we spread the bowls of the Buddha Tathagatha we make our vows together with all beings; we and this food and our eating are vacant,
We take refuge in the Three Treasures,
Remembering our many honored guides
with gratitude for their gifts of wisdom.
Vairochana, pure and clear Dharmakaya Buddha;
Lochana, full and complete Sambogakaya Buddha;
Shakyamuni, infinitely varied Nirmanakaya Buddha;
Maitreya, Buddha still to be born;
All Buddhas Everywhere, past, present, future;
Mahayana Lotus of the Subtle Law Sutra
Manjushri, Great Wisdom Bodhisattva;
Samantabhadra, Great Action Bodhisattva;
Avalokiteshvara, Great Compassion Bodhisattva;
all venerated Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas,
the Great Prajna Paramita.
Porridge is effective in ten ways
To aid the student of Zen.
No limit to the good result,
Consummating eternal happiness.
These three virtues and six flavors
Are offered to the Buddha and Sangha;
May all being of the universe
Share alike this nourishment.
First, we consider in detail the merit of this food and remember how it came to us;
Second, we evaluate our own virtue and practice, Lacking or complete, as we receive this offering;
Third, we are careful about greed, hatred, and ignorance, to guard our minds and to free ourselves from error;
Fourth, we take this good medicine to save our bodies from emaciation;
Fifth, we accept this food to achieve the Way of the Buddha.
Oh, all you hungry ghosts
We now offer this food to you;
May all of you everywhere
Share it with us together.
The first portion is for the Three Treasures,
The second is for the Four Blessings
he third is for the Six Paths;
Together with all we take this food.
The first taste is to cut off all evil
The second is to practice all good,
The third is to save all beingsl
May we all attain the Way of the Buddha.
We wash our bowls in this water;
It has the flavor of ambrosial dew;
We offer it to all hungry ghosts;
May all be filled and satisfied.
The world is like an empty sky;
The lotus does not adhere to waterl
Oue minds surpass that in purity;
We bow in veneration to the most exalted one.

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