Measles In The Ark

By Susan Coolidge

The night it was horribly dark,
The measles broke out in the Ark;
Little Japheth, and Shem, and all the young Hams,
Were screaming at once for potatoes and clams.
And ” What shall I do,” said poor Mrs. Noah,
” All alone by myself in this terrible shower?
I know what I’ll do: I’ll step down in the hold,
And wake up a lioness grim and old,
And tie her close to the children’s door,
And give her a ginger-cake to roar
At the top of her voice for an hour or more;
And I’ll tell the children to cease their din,
Or I’ll let that grim old party in,
To stop their squeazles and likewise their measles.”
She practised this with the greatest success:
She was everyone’s grandmother, I guess.

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