Melting Like Ice Cream

By Paula Glynn

The summer sun soaks my skin,
Its red rays making me melt like ice cream,
For summer is truly here,
As I taste an entire rainbow of flavour,
Vanilla, strawberry, banana and toffee,
I also love my liqueur coffee,
And I eat out at cafe’s,
Just enjoying the hot weather,
As I gaze at all the people about,
People wearing shorts and sandals,
And just taking life easy,
But they are not vanilla:
They are vibrant and wild,
Like the black cherry ice cream I taste,
And I don’t let my life go to waste,
For I am keen to experiment,
As I travel from country to country,
Trying all those culinary flavours,
Not just ice cream,
But savory dishes, too,
And I don’t let any day go by without experimenting,
For life was meant to be enjoyed,
And I do love all the possibilities,
That my money opens for me,
And I drink tea everyday,
As I stare at the morning sun on my balcony,
For summer isn’t just for India,
It is wild and full of flavour,
Just like any delicious melting ice cream.

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