By Essential Questions

Pretend to live!
Through avatars and digital friends,
Robotic lovers who never kiss,
roll ‘neath covers of cyber-bliss,
Hell on Earth comes in bytes,
Holographs, hypnotic light,
Bits and crypto-coinage buys,
Another portion of tasty lies,
Do not question, do not ask,
What hides behind the puppet’s mask,
Nor who is king or queen or pawn,
When all are serving what is wrong,
And what is right by nature’s seasons,
is consumed by twisted reason,
Treason against creation’s creeds,
condoning hubris, promoting greed,
Swapping need for want and desire,
Destroying good with electric fires,
Humanity expires a little each day,
As machineries align to hold it at bay,
Root and trunk, branch and tree,
Forests of virtue felled by decree,
Soon community is mere admonition,
Canceling outliers into submission,
Wires then hum, relays then click,
and the scum of indifference piles on thick,
It sticks to the senses until they go numb,
Until they are rendered, blind, deaf, and dumb,
Reality succumbs to the fictions of vice,
Portending a future that will not be nice.

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