By Andrew Noske

Hey there little monkey face.

It’s time to laugh.
It’s time to lean.
It’s time to play.

Show me a man who doesn’t love a monkey, and you have shown me a man who has forgotten how to smile and giggle.
Me? I love every type of monkey on this planet.

From the lazy powerful swinging orangutans in Borneo,
The thin spider monkeys and tiny marmosets in South America,
The weird macaque of Asia, howling gibbon in Indonesia,
The ridiculous big-nosed proboscis, leaf monkeys, tamarin, and the even the baboons of Africa.

They may vary in personality, but every monkey seems to breathe the same philosophies on life.
Life without play, is not life.

So hey there little monkey face.

You are the clown of the jungles, the well timed comic relief that makes us smile every time.
Self amusement is in every hair in your furry little body. You are social, complex, adaptable and bright.
You prove to the rest of the world, that even the smartest of men and monkey’s have the ability for self-deprecation and smiles.
You are cheeky, but never pretentious. You are a prankster, and yet capable of great love.

For hours you groom your friends hair, forming bonds.
Minutes later you are flinging substances unknown at any creature you can.
Even alone, you swing, somersault and fall over into the leaves.
You are the clown in every class, you are the spring in my step in moments when life is most amazing.
I have just two funny bone, one on each arm… yet perhaps your entire skeleton is funny. It radiates though your skin when you play.
A complex social structure, and yet the creature itself understands how to relax and not take life too seriously.
Monkey magic is in the air when I see you.
And monkey love is the best type of love.

So hey there little monkey face.

Come laugh with me.
Come learn with me.
Come play with me.
Let me squeeze your little monkey face and let our smiles unite.

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