Morning Mist

By David Rudder

Did you miss the morning mist
Were you still asleep
I watched it as it rolled on in
Whilst you were counting sheep.

I know there was a halo
It came and disappeared
A luminescence of light
That slowly reappeared.

It was a magic moment
A veil of obscurity
It felt just like a blanket
A second of security.

And then the daylight came
Sneaking like a thief
Here one second then gone
All so very brief.

Moisture clung to foliage
Silver dewdrops fell
Quietness soaked the morning
Tween the hill and knell.

Brown horses stood like sentinels
Out on the milky ground
Standing there in silhouette
Hardly made a sound.

I felt the minutes moving
Across the earth and sky
I watched the mist you missed
As it flew on by.

Did you miss the mist this morning
It rolled like an ocean wave
A blanket of opportunity
I saw but couldn’t save.

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