My Culture, My Pride!

By Jacques Sprenkie Mateya

Inherent of heredity as heritage
like ants gathering in heap
And cultural feeling dressed us
All with spirit of ubuntu

Its inheritance is our strength
Our whereabouts and our which is which
Our breakthrough and our future
Our undivided tension
and our nation in colors

Custodians of clear custom
Traditionalists of tradition
Even Life is traditional
I see a happy compatriot here
Stubborn conventional conventionalist

It the pulse of every nation
It makes wind to blow world with excitement
and It has water of life.

Our language outline ourselves
We to talk to ourselves with it.
Culture is an intergalactic of our generosity
We are united in drums and trumpets
singing like the birds in the morning
with hope and passion
and ancestor joining us in tune
Cultural day will make us one
and life joined us with happiness

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