My Silly Rap Lyrics

By Michelle Sam

To the Hip, Hop-No let’s scratch that cause those days or done, and over
Let me give you something that will make you roll back and forth like rover
Let this beat roll off your mind like an avalanche down a mountain slope
These words will spin you around like Muhammad doing the rope a dope

The masses will quiver when I push these words down their throats
This melodic tune will make them shiver inside and reach for their coats
Psychedelic funk blasting a beat to your ears, reminiscent of old school charm
Fall back and let your ears get a diet of poetic justice, so what’s the harm

My name is Michelle and I’m here to tell that this rap is more than my third eye
It’s the universal favor that God gave me, and like a robot, I must comply
Sure I might be too old, and this may be a bit immature for your taste
But the stanzaic lines I speak is like a succulent roast, juicy with a sweet baste

The heat of these words will make you feel like a phoenix rising from the fire
Meticulously chosen to express the true heart of the matters of which I desire
The gregarious nature of earths being gives me much to spill my milk about
There will never be an ending of sagas for my spinning wheel of words, I doubt

Got to stay true to the colloquy of rhymes rotating in the wings of my mind
Blasting through the rubbish of lyrical configurations, searching for the right kind
No, I’m not rapping about him or her, or what they did or didn’t do for God sake
Just wrap this rap around your consciousness and let it sink in and bake

I’m gonna pounce these words on your mind like a tiger on its prey
Attacking your cerebral cortex with the emanating words that I say
But I ponder what’s written and run my fingers through my hair like a comb
There’s nothing different, because my rap isn’t anything but another poem

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