Nursing Now Or Never

By Dr. Shobit Bansal

What force is keeping Nursing from achieving what is its desired goal?

Is it Lack of Leadership/Lack of clear Vision/ Lack of Initiative?

The Most reputable profession is now a days fighting or searching for dignity and needs upliftment.

Nurses stand Shoulder to Shoulder with doctors saving lives but are much underpaid and underrepresented.

We need to change the way people look at us now or it will be never.

The onus of betterment in nursing standards lies with the nursing council itself.

The Nursing Now Campaigns focus give core areas related to leadership, research, recruitment, best practice and greater investment is a good step forward.

All Nursing staff should take it by heart to note hard and bring laurels to this noble profession.

Nursing care begins the moment patient enters the hospital and goes on till the date of discharge.

Nursing team is the closest contact of patients in the hospital and get attached to patients life mentally as well.

Using progressive steps at every step and adding the most in patient care will make the difference.

Detailed education and intensive training will also take the profession one step ahead.

Last but not least, supportive guidance from doctor community to make way through years of inertia in nursing practices is required as well.

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