Ode To Janitors

By Anonymous

Of all life’s occupations few have been more scorned
Than the mop and bucket brigade that works unadorned
To clean up where others fail is their noble calling
And failure in their duties would leave areas appalling

Restrooms and lunchrooms are part of their domain
And failure in their duties are treated with disdain
On the corporation ladder they are on the bottom rung
Their endeavor to keep order almost always goes unsung

Without their valiant effort chaos would soon arise
Debris and dirt and dust would soon materialize
They make themselves available to others beck and call
To do what others will not do for the benefit of all

Tho they do not dress in fancy clothes or a business suit
The job they do from day to day deserves a warm salute
To the janitors across the land be they young or old
Thank you from the odist, now your story has been told

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