One Hundred Per Cent

By Amos Russel Wells

“I should like to be rich,” said young Tom, with a sigh;
“There are so many things I am aching to buy!
Oh, would I had money, and would it were lent,
To good steady payers, at fifteen per cent!”

Now it chanced a wise man, just in passing, had heard
Tom’s sighs and repining, each covetous word;
So he took the young fellow astride of his knee,
And taught him to grow just as rich as could be.

And this way ’twas done. Every once in a while
Tom would lend to some neighbor–a sunshiny smile;
And every time, for the smile he had lent,
Tom got two in return. That’s one hundred per cent!

Bright greetings, warm kisses, kind deeds on the sly,
All bring him an interest equally high;
And before many days I am bold to declare,
You will find that young Tom is a true millionaire.

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