Our Goal And Glory

By Lydia M. Millard

As down a hundred stairs we graze,
A hundred stairs of time;
As upward still our eyes we raise,
As upward still we climb, –

We see the vales and hills behind,
The vales and hills before;
We see the goals we hope to find,
And see the goals passed o’er.

O’er every sea and shore we read,
All men are equal born;
The noblest thought and noblest deed
Hath noblest glory worn.

May every victory we win
Be won by tireless toil,
No battle smoke or battle din
Our growing glory foil.

As long as stars above us shine,
Or grass beneath shall grow,
Peace round us sheds her light divine,
And Truth her radiant glow.

The God of all the stars and flowers
Around us throw his shield,
And make this happy land of ours
A bloodless battle-field,

Where Truth shall fight her battles hard,
And win her triumphant way,
And Right shall be the brave watchword,
And conquer every day.

May this be Freedom’s dearest home,
Her happiest, holiest shrine,
That, till to Freedom’s heaven we come,
Her fires may deathless shine.

May every hungry, homeless heart,
Where’er on earth it beat,
Find here a hearth-stone always bright,
A welcome always sweet.

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