Our Seven Wonders

By Amos Russel Wells

O Christ, the Wonderful! we gladly see
The seven wonders of the world in Thee.
Pharos! that flung so bold a light abroad,—
The Light of all the world is Christ, our Lord.
Vast pyramids that lift the wondering sight,
Bow down to Christ, the Apex of all height!
Colossus, framed the Rhodian gulf to span,—
Our Christ has bridged the gulf from God to man.
Babylon’s hanging gardens, fruitful, gay,—
We have a Vine that wrapa the world to-day.
Rare Mausoleum, shrine of royal breath,—
Christ is the King that conquered even death.
Diana’s temple!—all that Christ adore
Become His temples, peerless evermore.
Statue of Zeus, low lying in the sod,
Worship our Christ, the ever-living God!

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