Blatant deceit from the wretched corrupters of souls
Crookedly twisting and manipulating helpless victims, Satan’s tools
Wrathful fate for fleshly desire
Destruction transpires
Burning sensation down to your bones
Screams and terror, die alone

Betrayer’s knife, hearts of stone
Enemy awaits, bidding souls, freedom sold
Iced blue veins, remain hateful, cold
Empty they remain, forgotten hope, mindless drone
Vile snakes, poisoning minds, selling lies
Fatal pride, arrogant stride, vanity’s side
Wrathful fire, bound and tied, pay for your crime
Truth unheard, lack of control, remain forever burned
Hellish torture, no more future, soul is ruptured

Cheating hand, bidding nothing but lies
Game draws to the end, more loss than gain
Worthless cause, nothing more to obtain

Thief of art, where is your soul?
Have you forgotten?
Are you that dull?
You’re already devoured
Never to return.
Empty and useless
You will never grow old.

Redemption is for the truth
You hold none
Breaking promises
Your hope is done
Never lie to me
Prying sight
Blinded by light
No where to run
Hide and become numb
Lame and dumb
Time for the hunt

Hounds draw closer, closer
Scent is tracked, closer
Snarls of burning embers
Sparks of flame lick the air
Craving the savor of blood
Beware, your time to die is drawing near

Fear the debt you owe to your master
It’s time to pay the cost
Hidden sanctuary, found
Now it’s time for you to drown.

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