Pharmacist's Love Poem

By She-Maru

Hey darling, sit still for I want to paint you,
but let me get the details down first…

When I’m deep in the ditches
And my heart seems like it will stop beating
I look at your photo and it becomes my Adrenaline

When the stress levels are high
and my blood pressure is mounting
Your words become my Enalapril

When I’m on the verge of a breakdown
and I feel like nothing can lift me up
You hug me, your warmth and scent are my Amitriptyline

When the world weighs down on me
And I struggle to breathe
You kiss me and I could swear I just had a puff of Salbutamol

You are my Morphine when I’m hurting
My Ampicillin when a bad crowd sorrounds me
You came along and as ophthalmic Tobramycin you cleared my vision

You know what? you are my all-in-one drug
So let’s just forget about the portrait
I’m pasting this piece on your wall
For you to read-whenever you feel like…