Planet Mercury

By Martin Gedge

He was a man on a mission
a planet in the system
a king for a Queen
with a Rock n’ Roll condition
he was the showman in the singer
the Freddie in the finger
the stage for the age
with a hook line and sinker
he had the pipes with a purpose
always scratching on the surface
with emotion in the madness
and a magic in the circus
he was a lover and fighter
a rocker and a writer
the peace at every venue
and the flame in every lighter
he is a star in angels high
the balance in the sky
the message and the meaning
in the encores of goodbye
but most of the spirit
for every time you hear it
a rhapsody of sound
and a symphony to steer it
with the temple and tone
for where ever you shall roam
from the cities that you toured
to the pillars of your home
in the passing of the years
for all the love and tears
there is a mercury in heaven
playing music to your ears…

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