Poem To My Future Self

By Mariana BH

Dear future self,

Did you follow your dreams?

I hope you did.

I remember you were so scared all the time,

Scared of doing what you loved.

You always asked for opinions,

And people always responded

Math, physics, chemistry, that’s your thing!

But you always hoped to get another answer,

You loved getting your hands dirty,

With the ashes of pencils,

And drops of paints,

You always loved to connect,

Connect all the beauty of the world,

In one simple piece of paper,

But you were so scared to do so,

Are you still scared?

I hope you are a family person now,

Because you never were,

Always hugging mom and dad,

And telling my brother how much you love him,

Because you never did.

I hope you still cry every time you laugh,

Although your laugh used to sound kinda funny,

But you didn’t mind,

I hope you don’t mind still.

I hope you remember how much you cared

For everyone else’s happiness,

I hope you still look at the sun and smile,

You always cared so much for simple things,

It made you, you…

But mostly, I hope you are proud of yourself, of what you have become,

Because you never were.

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