Poems And Acoustic Guitars

By Enne Baker

The poetic lines and
Verses were as long
And thick as bronze
Guitar strings.

One pluck and I am
In fallen water.
I play “Smoke on the Water”
My first song,
With one metal string,

My white fingers as rough
And calloused as the
Golden brown thread that
I’d collided against the
Sandy rock castle,
That was by the sea.

My poems, are the sand,
My guitar was the castle itself,
Its skin, scaly like an amphibian,
Like a sea creature that just
Came out of the sandy
Sea, my poems, in modicum

Of sand, makes the color
Of my acoustic
Guitar dig deeper with finding
Its sound like deep wet sand, and with
Treasure, the treasure of worthless
Seashells, with shining pearls.

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