Poor Orphans Of Ebola

By Amoafowaa

Tears from ebola meals
Parade the land
Needing bodies to hold their own
Because they know their departure
Through the mouth of ebola
Have put masks on the faces of their beloveds
Making them fearful caricatures
Of successors who must help ease their sorrows
Not the fault of their beloveds
Not the fault of the successors
Not the fault of they who cry from the stomach of ebola
And in reality,
Not the fault of the hungry ebola
They know the fault is nature’s
Who gave ebola such a huge appetite
Now every breath flees the conquered
Every mind flees their companies
Are we running from our shadows?
Poor orphans of the eaten!
Poor conquerors of ebola!
Poor families of the lost!
I cry you a river
I cry you a sea
I cry in pain
So sorry there’s no gain

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