Prayer For The President

By Amos Russel Wells

Lay Thou, O God, Thy quickening hand
Upon the ruler of our land.
Uphold his frame with sturdy might,
Flush on his hruin revealing light.
Far may he move from party strife,
But closer to the people’s life.
Touch Thou his soul with tenderness
To heed the farthest faint distress.
Embolden Thou his manly heart
Ever to play the patriot’s part.
All men may he as brethren own,
Yet dare at need to stand alone.
As he is true to us, may we
Uphold him ever loyally.
As he is true to Thee, O God,
Protect him with Thy staff and rod.
Save him from coward hand and tongue,
Renew his soul, and keep him young.
And when his task is ended, then
Bestow Thy crowning praise. Amen.

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