Questioning Life

By Suraj Shrestha

I asked life why
life feels strange,
with wonders and
with different range.
It answered me
life is destiny
with foot to step
with your magical dream.
I asked again
Why is this pain?
with tears of fate
with your sweat stream.
It smiled me back
with answers of gain
it kept calling me
with efforts to make.
I asked why
the pain to gain
as life’s alone
and oneself to sustain.
It pushed me and i fell
and people around
with hands to support
with fear & courage to bear.
I puzzled and asked
why this courage and fear
as life’s alone
with no-one to share.
It explained me
life’s for other
with love, care to take
and bliss to make.
I asked life
why are you
with time to spend
with a day to end.
It quietly said
life is eternal
with questions to answer
but no-one to explain.

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