Random Hallucinations

By Marial Awendit

i. wind
when harmattan
is clawed,

devoid of violin
strings; cobwebs.

in its haste,
my ears endure
sterile songs

only brown
crisp leaves,

baked by autumns,
stirring and whirring

whispering the season
is at rust

ii. religion
while beside
the market rubbish heap,

a white dog, coiled up,
suckles piebald pups.

iii. Kilimanjaro
may not be a molehill;

frozen white ice slides down
grey rocks

as baptism of milk
and ice-cream.

mighty Kilimanjaro
wears cotton-white hair.

tourists come to gaze,
for her quiet

grandeur cannot whine.

iv. racism
a room does no divide
yet our don whines this skin,

my coat, should be black coffee

and this mind, the drop
of fire imbedded,

and time with iceberg tongues
freezes the fire.

v. creation
the river gods
gave us could not shrink

for them to cross.
did not that river

turn red-blooded
with their fury?

vi. national anger
these were droppings,
like ball bearings

sowed all about,
where we reared

government sheep.

does a country shit
with this extravagance?

at what cost would we keep
a government wolf?

vii. fire
I am too cold
to keep the hate

of a brush fire
b r e a k the water
with your brain.

if a stray scent
sent from a nectar petal
be this awful

kiss slow then the red
petals of wild fires.

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