Robin Hood

By Anonymous

The Earl Loxley lived in the county
Of Nottingham long time ago
He carried a bow, and his arrow was quick
And everyone knew it was so
But one fine day, when the wind blew free
It took the arrow, and let it flee
To the heart of a deer that belonged to a king
In Nottingham long time ago.
Well wither and yon did poor Robin run
From King and Sheriff of yore
The forest was great, the free men were his mate
When he became an outlaw.
The sheriff’s men were cruel and mean
Would kill a man and cut him clean
To a heart that was brave and honest and true
In Nottingham long time ago

O, Robin of the hood whose face was never seen
Stole treasures of silver and gold
He took from the mighty and wealthy ’tis true
But to give to the poor and the old
And the villagers say he ran free and wild
Finding food for woman and child
And his deeds were as true as the arrows that flew
In Nottingham long time ago.

Well good deed or no, poor Robin had to go
And live in the forest and glen
And many a fine friend there too with him stayed All fleeing from bad sheriff’s men
And a maiden fair, tender and mild
Pleaded long to a sheriff beguiled
For the life of poor Robin, the love of poor Robin In Nottingham long time ago

“Oh, Sheriff, Sheriff – let him go free
and I’ll give thee my marriage hand”
“Your deer are aplenty, you’re costume is heavy look field, forest and land”
“I’ll have his head” the Sheriff replied,
All liberty and love denied
And two hearts heavy laden
Forever forsaken
In Nottingham long time ago.

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