Romeo And Juliet

By Caitlin Moreby

Two households who are both alike,
By day and night, by swords do fight,
In fair Verona where our scene is laid,
Is where we find a young and love-struck maid,
From ancient grudges it breaks to mutiny,
But from their eyes these lovers cannot see,
Now civil blood dirties civil hands,
And mothers plot some scheming marriage plans,
From the wombs of these two enemies,
A young couple dream that they are free,
Star-crossed lovers take their lives away,
To be together in a better day,
Their untimely end, buries their parents strife,
By using a happy, sacred knife,
Their fearful love reeked with young despair,
Does take the place of anger in the air,
The continuance of their parents’ duel,
Does end when the lovers lives do cool,
And nothing but their children’s end could change,
Their hateful, unadulterated rage,
Here today we show you their ordeal,
And hope that their passion you can feel,
Listen close, for now our play shall show,
The story of Juliet and her Romeo.

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